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  • Come and join me on my photographic travelogue blog to see some amazing sites from my journey around the world.
  • Chanel Lingenfelder -  Chanel is a Qualified Therapist specializing in a diverse field of Therapies, She is also a Spiritual counselor and Mediator studying under the Auspices of Ascended Master Kuthumi. Essences, Crystal Healing, Colourworks, Colour Therapy, Churches, Channelling, Chakra Balancing . Location KwaZulu Natal ( You must experience one of her Colour Workshop - It is Mind blowing. You get taken on a journey through your Chakras while being creative through the medium of Music and paint. I have done this workshop twice and will do it again and again and again - Allan Rufus)


  • Solar Aura Healing / Essence - Healing and workshops in Glencairn Heights Cape Town. (Berto is an amazing person, with amazing teaching lessons, products and art. You will gain from his workshops and healing sessions  - Allan Rufus)

  • A Self-Help Guide for Those Who Believe in Angels. By Tom T. Moore (This book is fantastic. You can also subscribe to Tom's newsletters which are also very enlightening - Allan Rufus)

  • SEO - Website marketing. ( If you need a web-site created, I Highly recommend getting hold of Francois, who created this web-site - Allan Rufus)


    Luxury and exclusivity in the heart of the Midlands. Nestled in the rolling hills of the KwaZulu Natal, Midlands, South Africa, Whispering Waters offers several accommodation options surrounded by lush pastures and glistening dams. Enjoy excellent trout fishing and the ultimate in countryside relaxation. Whispering Waters offers you not only comfortable lodgings and tranquil surroundings but is also close to all the attractions of the Midlands Meander. (A real treat of a place, and great service - Allan Rufus)
  • A very special spiritual web-site with loads of information and more. (Charles is a very special and gifted person who does a lot to help others. Check out this site!)


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